Pieces that People with Hourglass Figures can Rock

If you have an hourglass figure, you should flaunt it! If you aren’t familiar with body types, an hourglass shape is considered the ideal. It looks like the thing it’s named after, and implies that a woman has an equally curvy bust and hip area, with a well-defined waist. Think Scarlett Johansson.

Despite the fact that the hourglass shape is desired by most people, there are still some things that can make you look less than perfect. In the wrong outfit, that curviness can work against you and make you look heavier than you actually are! Here are some of the best pieces that someone of this unique body type can totally rock!

The Pencil Skirt

This will be one of your staples if you have an hourglass figure. This is because, as someone with dramatic shape, you need to show off your body, not hide it. Wearing bulky clothing will merely conceal your narrow waist and make your curvy parts look bigger. By wearing a defined pencil skirt, you highlight your hips while accentuating your waist – win, win!

The Stretchy, Fitted Dress

girl in yellow stretchy dress, hourglass figure Many people with uneven or boxy body types cannot get away with this one. If you have a flat chest and big hips, for instance, a single stretchy piece will display that in a way that isn’t particularly flattering. However, if you have proportional features, this variety of dress will show it! Try not to go really tight or you risk revealing too much, but remember to have fun with this look!

The V-Neck

This style works well for people with curves up top, lending drama and shape to any everyday piece. Try to avoid the J-Lo style dips, though, as these will exaggerate your bust in a way that is unnecessary. Remember, you’ve already got the curves!

The Poplin Jacket

It’s important for people with hourglass figures to emphasize the heck out of that waist. Baggy jackets are a no-no, so you’ll need to go for something better fitted. Most tailored jackets will work reasonably well, but a poplin jacket will flare out at the bottom, drawing more attention to your slim waistline.

The High-Waisted Pant

High-waisted pants work similarly to pencil skirts: they close tightly around the waist and gradually ride over the hips, outlining their dimensions in a way that makes the most of your natural figure. Low-rise jeans, on the other hand, start just above your waist, creating less contrast. So while low-rise won’t necessarily look bad, there’s a better look for you!

Whether you are a natural hourglass or invested in a Genie Hourglass belt after reading reviews, having this figure gives you some distinct advantages. Enjoy them!